Friday, August 12, 2016

Sky Ranch Ute Trail: A Little Piece of Heaven

Hi everyone, my name is Reagan Lee. 

My family and I have been attending Sky Ranch Ute Trail since the summer of 2009, before I started Junior High. Eight years later, having graduated high school and started college, we still return summer after summer to our little piece of heaven.

One year my parents wanted to go on vacation, and my dad suggested we attend a Christian family camp outside of California. My mom had no clue what that was, but agreed to give it a try. After searching on the internet for a while, he found a camp located in a remote portion the beautiful San Juan Mountains in Colorado. After a long drive, we arrived in the general area of the camp, but much to our dismay, drove up and down a dirt road for several hours trying to find Ute Trail. At that time, Google maps would drop you off about thirteen miles away. But by the grace of God, we found the camp and checked in.

My family immediately felt at home. The staff was friendly, our cabin was cozy, and the surrounding land was absolutely breathtaking. Our family was greeted by family camp counselors, and we were assigned a counselor that was a part of our family for the week. Each and every one of our counselors in these past eight years has been a blessing. Theyve each brought a new perspective, new encouragement, and a new example of Christs love for us.

Many have asked why our family has returned year after year. What make this place so special? The fellowship, the safety, the beauty, and the fun are the answer. We enjoy the opportunity to be around like minded people who share the same beliefs and values, something we do not often experience at home. Its a place where my brother and I could run free without being afraid of wandering too far off.

 Ute Trail is a beautiful place, free from the distractions of home and cell phones. It is a real forest, with real trees and flowers and fresh air, rather than the pollution we breath in our concrete jungle. There are stars rather than city lights, deer instead of cars.

In addition, this place is a ton of fun. The included activities: a ropes course, horseback riding, kayaking, and River Day, ensure that there is never an opportunity for boredom, and the counselors make every moment memorable and fun. I love this place with all my heart. I have built many memories here, had many laughs, shed many tears, but in the end it feels like home. My house may be in California, but my mind and my heart lie in Powderhorn, Colorado. Every year, my family counts down the days until we return home. 

One day, if it is in Gods plan for me, I hope to be a family camp counselor, so that I may serve others as I have been served during these crucial years of my life. This past year I developed a passion for photography and jumped at the opportunity to photograph my home away from home that holds such a special place in my heart. Inserted are a few of my favorite pictures of the week!

Thank you all for reading!

Reagan Lee