Saturday, January 30, 2010


Moms, what are YOUR family traditions? Do you have family dinners on Sunday nights and play board games afterwards? Do you visit a nursing home once a month as a family? Are you one of those moms who decorate for EVERY holiday? (even Ground Hog's day????) We need ideas!!! (Not necessarily holiday traditions, but everyday traditions that moms can take hold of today and start now to build community within her own family!) Let the traditions begin...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Proverbs 15:13

We are having a Sky Gathering IN Prosper, TX!!!!

Hostess: Mandy Arnold
When: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 7:00pm
Where: Prosper, TX
Topic: "Stop the Drama Mama!"
Sky Moms Ministry Director, and Lisa Clark, Sky Ranch Parenting mentor, will host an interactive talk tailored to meet the needs of moms with young girls growing up in the age of "Hannah Montana." Come join us for some candid and refreshing ideas for keeping the "drama" to a minimum!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scheduled Sky Gatherings

January Upcoming Sky Gatherings...
Hostess: Amy Meece
When: Thurs Jan 21, 2010 at 6:00pm
Where: 280 Texoma Dr. Hickory Creek, Tx. 75065
Lisa Parenting Topic: Who's in Charge? Me or my child?

Hostess: Rachael Cash's Home
Where: 3313 Bryn Mawr Drive Dallas, TX 75225
When: Friday, January 29, 10:00AM to 11:30AM
Lisa Parenting Topic: Who's in Charge? Me or my child?

Lisa Clark, founder of Sky Ranch Camps Sky-Moms mother ministry will discuss setting goals as parents which results in confident parenting. When children are in charge of the family through their activities and busy schedules, it sets them up for failure. As parents, we don't want to feel out of control, so what can we do? We will look at various ways to rid our households of the chaos and ease back into an easier way of life.

Please be our guest to hear Lisa's great ideas.

February Upcoming Sky Gatherings...

Hostess: Amy Pawloski
When: Tuesday, Febrauary 16, 2010 in the evening
Moreinfo TBA

“It Runs in the Family”... by Lisa Clark

We joke in our house that my oldest daughter is a carbon copy of my husband and my younger daughter is mini-me. Mannerisms, insecurities, looks…basically the same person. I’ve learned through the years how to “handle” my eldest child. Just like I “handle” my husband. Push through, don’t give up, stand your ground. They both have that type A, strong –willed personality. Mini-me and Me are a little more laid back. Easier to get along with. Almost perfect. :)

Regardless of our DNA, concepts like truth, morality, perseverance and integrity must be taught. We can’t rely on coaches, pastors and teachers to be the “Catch All” trainers and hope our kids “get” what we don’t take the time to teach or don’t want to deal with.

Granted, sometimes heavy issues are hard to approach and confront. We think that because a child is strong, he can deal with things better so we might not “get involved.” Kids are kids. They struggle, have blue days, let their emotions go haywire, and take things personally. Sound familiar?

Because of my laid back nature, I tend to let my kids work through issues without getting involved. This has been a positive through the years in that they have learned to work through things seeking guidance through prayer and God’s word. On the other hand, I know my kids have been left alone to deal with things that I should have helped them work through. I should have gotten involved. At the very least, I should have sat with them and listened.

The first child is most always a guinea pig, as was ours. I learned a lot about parenting along the way and she got some of my worst and best days. Because she was like her dad, I figured she could handle things that most likely she was not meant to handle alone. My bad. She forgives me. My youngest is experiencing a different tactic from me – perseverance. I am walking through closed doors even when I’m uncomfortable or irritated. I am sitting with her when she doesn’t want to talk. I am listening when I don’t want to hear. I am giving guidance though unsolicited.

Two days ago I was the one having a blue day. Emotionally spent, down, dragging. My husband wasn’t home at the time, so my daughter got to see a side of me that she doesn’t often see. As I sat on my bed, alone, reading and trying to refocus, she came in and plopped down on my bed with me like I often do in her room. She just started talking about random things and we began to laugh. She literally stayed with me an hour before it was time for her to get ready for bed. By then, my spirits were lifted. I’m still not quite over it. She had caught the compassion I'd been showing her and was putting it into practice--on me. Amazing how that worked.... I guess things really can run in the family.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just yummy...

To start off our recipes I thought I would share one of my all time favorites... everyone always knows when they are sick, have a baby, move into a new home, or any church function this is what they will get from me...
Sopapllia Cheescake Recipe

2 8oz Cream cheese
2 pkgs Pillsbury crescent rolls
1 cup sugar
1 t vanilla

1 stick of butter
lots of cinnamon sugar

In an unbuttered 8x12 dish unroll 1 pkg cresent rolls on bottom. Do not seperate.
Mix softened cream cheese, sugar and vanilla.
Spread over rolls.
Top with other pkg of rolls.
Pour 1 stick of melted butter on top.
Sprinkle lots of cinnamon sugar on top of butter.

Bake @350 for 30-40 min.
Let me know what you think and what dish are you known for always bringing?

Lisa Clark ~ Sky Ranch Parenting Mentor

Lisa has been teaching women’s bible studies for the past 6 years at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. Prior to that, she taught new believing families for 15 years on basic Christian principles and growth. She has been teaching moms and dads throughout the D/FW area and at Prestonwood Christian Academy throughKingdom Parent Institute. Lisa has a unique teaching style that couples humor with Biblical insights and personal stories of raising her own two daughters. Grounded in God’s Word, Lisa has a passion for encouraging moms in the day to day struggles of parenting preteens and teens.
“I am not a perfect parent and realize that as long as I am covered in flesh, I will fall short on a daily basis. But I also realize that God has given me what I need to parent confidently. Confident parenting is the key. I am the parent and God has commissioned me to be the parent. I have a responsibility to Him, my husband and my children to give my very best.”
Lisa travels throughout Texas and Oklahoma teaching and encouraging moms through this new, innovative ministry. She writes parenting articles and serves as director of the ministry.
Lisa is married to Brad, her husband of 22 years. They have two daughters, Caroline (19) and Camryn (14). They currently reside in Plano, Texas.
Other info:
Lisa serves as a current trustee on the Prestonwood Christian Academy Board of Trustees
Lisa has been a member of PBC for 24 years
Lisa was born and raised in Dallas, a true Texan
Lisa graduated with a BBA in Marketing from Stephen F. Austin University
Lisa teaches 11th grade girls on Sundays
“A gifted Bible Study teacher with a heart for empowering moms to be the parent that God has gifted them to be, Lisa Clarkcouples humor with personal stories of her own two daughters to impart practical biblical principles on raising teens and pre-teens in today’s modern culture.”
“Lisa’s heart for the Lord is evident in every aspect of her life, as she mentors parents with ideas, suggestions and advice that makes families stronger.”
“The ladies of Hill Country Fellowship were truly blessed by the Holy Spirit inspired teaching of Lisa Clark. Her knowledge of the word of God and its practical application to our lives as women, mothers and daughters was truly a blessing. Lisa knows God and teaches by His authority and guidance. Our women went away better equipped to face their daily challenges.”
Rosemary McGee – Pastor’s Wife
“Lisa Clark is an amazing parent educator who mentors parents with ideas, suggestions and advice that help make families stronger! Her calm, encouraging attitude and real-life experience as the mother of two daughters makes her someone who is easy to trust and relate to. Her love for the Lord is evident in all of her classes. I have learned so much from Lisa and have been blessed by her wonderful ideas that have worked well for our family. Every time I have the opportunity to hear Lisa speak, I come away feeling equipped and encouraged, leaving with strategies that help me to be a better mom. I highly recommend Lisa’s programs to all parents!”
Robin Corbin – Mother of Teens in Plano, TX

Parenting Tips by Lisa Clark

Praying Mom or Preying Mom?

Interesting concept, isn’t it? Surely we all want to be Praying Moms. But many times instead of going straight to our knees on behalf of our children, we decide to take IT (whatever the problem du jour is) into our own hands and fix it just right. Well, that makes us Preying Moms. We begin to prey on our children’s insufficiencies or insecurities. For example, your child is having “friend” issues and because he has had “friend” issues his whole life, you immediately assume that the “friend” has a problem with your child and you need to get to the bottom of it. MANY times moms prey on their children’s negative character or personality traits. Socially your child seems awkward and unsure of his terrain. You plan after school get-togethers, Friday night sleepovers, parent/child play dates and seem to get nowhere. Your child is still left out and uninvited. You continue to prey on this insecurity issue and inability to make friends easily. But God wants us to PRAY about HIS child’s needs and struggles. (Remember: God created His children for His pleasure and to have a relationship with Him. They are His!) God wrote the manual on friendship. Here are some samples from the manual:
“A man who has friends must himself be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24
“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 15:13
“These things I command you, that you love one another.” John 15:17
Begin to pray these scriptures and others God brings to mind in your daily quiet time and with your child. Prayer builds our confidence as we come “boldly before the throne.” He can build confidence in your son or daughter that will make a difference. Plus, hearing you pray on his behalf will assure your child that prayer does work and he can deal with life’s difficulties with boldness and faith before the Lord.

What is SkyMoms???

SkyMoms extends the spirit of Sky Ranch camping discipleship into homes throughout the year to nourish moms so they can better face the daily challenges and opportunities of raising Godly kids. In the same way Sky Ranch invests in the spiritual development of your child, we also, through SkyMoms, want to feed the heart and character of you, the caretaker!

The Primary Mission of SkyMoms Ministry is to build community. Realizing that a Christian home is built from the inside out, the SkyMoms Ministry is committed to equipping and encouraging Sky families as they disciple, teach and love their children throughout the year.

MOMS - Would you like to have Sky Ranch come have coffee with you and your friends? The SkyMoms Ministry would love to encourage your school, church or neighborhood. For information, please contact Tori Miller at

We also want to share with you how Sky Ranch can partner with you to help your child grow spiritually, emotionally and socially. We look forward to getting to know you and your circle of friends.

Romans 8:28

Sky Gatherings

Sky Ranch SkyMoms Ministry would like to ask you to look at your calendars and see when we can schedule a SKY GATHERING in your home, church, or play group and hear some great tips from Lisa Clark, Sky Ranch Parenting Mentor.

Remember we will provide everything. The awesome speaker, refreshments and literature all FREE of charge...AND we will ALSO give you an incentive for each lady that attends your Sky Gathering towards $ off your child's camp tuition or day camp tuition.  Please let me know when is best for you!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Welcome!!! our Sky Ranch SkyMoms blog!
Hi, I am Tori Miller the Sky Ranch Sky Moms Ministry Director and I want to personally welcome you to our blog.
Moms, did you know Sky Ranch has a ministry just for you? That's right...SkyMoms is for all moms, and especially you!
It is here that you will find friends, encouragement, discipleship and even parenting tips!

I look forward to you joining us on this journey of motherhood with SkyMoms!