Sunday, August 8, 2010


Four kids. Three Sky Ranch sessions. David and I often laugh at how hard we tried to get all four kids to go the same week.  We REALLY tried! Maybe we could have gone to Jamaica or Mexico or just had a week of peace and quiet in our Plano house? It was just too hard to coordinate with busy kids and sports and friends.  We decided to embrace the different weeks.  God certainly knew what He was doing! We had campers in Sky 1, Sky 2, Morph and Quest.  We made 6 total trips to Van Texas with 6 stops at Dairy Palace along the way.  There has been at least one trunk with partial contents of camp "stuff" on the kitchen floor since mid-June.  Bibles are open and marked with lessons and life verses in each kid's room and the talk of Sky Ranch counselors, cabin raids and Skywaii has been a regular part of our meal conversation for weeks!  Collectively our Frawley campers experienced Sigma coming into camp and the emotion surrounding their commitment and experience, Sigma reading bible verses by flashlight along the road to Friday night campfire, Morph and the re-naming of Landry Hall to "Waffle House" for only one week, Inductive Bible study exploration, Life verses including Proverbs 27:17 from our Sky 1 camper and finally bonding with the Tru-Campers in session 10 and making a friend in a girl named Jamie that would otherwise not have had the opportunity to experience the greatness of Sky Ranch if not for the generosity of others and Tru-Camp.  God found a way to literally bring Sky Ranch into our home for more than just one week.  Each member of our family shared in the other's experiences and gained what was special for each particular session.  We are in awe of how this worked out and are ever thankful for Sky Ranch summer camp and to God for His plan to bless our summer in this way.

Katharine, Ellen, Scotty and Mark Frawley

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