Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lisa Life Lesson ~"What is this world coming to?"

What is this world coming to?

Keeping the culture out of our homes is basically impossible.  I saw a tweet post earlier in the week with a pic of tshirt on sale at Walmart.  It’s basically a maternity section in the juniors section at Walmart.  Sad?  Yes.  2011? Yes.  With the glamorization of teenage moms on tv, it was just a matter of time before it became a part of mainstream media…and yes, Walmart.  So I guess we can boycott and send letters and get all indignant, but I would propose that we tighten up the ship we steer…our homes.  We might not be able to change the world, but we can change our homes.  How?  Teach our children, discipline them, and model a godly life.  We can’t be their holy spirit, but we can teach them the ways of the Lord.  We can discuss these shows, books, movies, and have hard discussions about the direction our culture is heading.  Just because it’s out there, we don’t have to say, “Yes! Come on in to our homes and get comfy!”  Set limits, set standards, plan for godly living, don’t just cross your fingers and hope it all works out.  How?  Here are some ideas:

1)    Talk with your kids… a lot!  At dinner, in the car, at bedtime.  Ask the hard questions and be ready to not know the answers.  A listening mom is more valuable than rubies and diamonds.
2)    Set goals with your kids – if we don’t set the expectations, how can we expect our children to rise to the occasion? 
3)    Make mealtime a priority.  Don’t let their schedules, social calendar or activities dictate your family time.  Even if it’s once a week, eat together as a family.
4)    Provide them tools to grow closer to God.  Devotionals, music, bibles, books.  Then, ask them periodically, “What is God speaking to you about these days?  What’s He teaching you?  What are you learning?”
5)    Set limits on television, computer, cell phones.  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.
6)    Love them and don’t judge them.  You must remember what it was like to be a preteen and teen.  It is not easy.  Not many of us would go back to those years for all the tea in China.  No way!  Love them with everything you’ve got.  These years are precious and the sacrifices you make will be worth it.

~Lisa Clark, Sky Ranch Parenting Mentor

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