Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lisa Life Lesson~Criticism - A Dagger in a Mother's Heart

Moms, how do you respond when you are criticized as a mother? Or when your children are criticized?  The reality is this is one of the more difficult parts of motherhood.  It hurts and most likely we take it personally.  Biblically, how should we respond?

In 1 Samuel 2, the story of the High Priest Eli and Samuel is unfolded as Samuel's mom, Hannah, keeps her promise and offers Samuel back to the Lord as her sacrifice.  Eli takes him and promises to teach him the ways of the Lord.  Eli also has two sons.  They are bad dudes.  Many tell Eli of his son's exploits.  Eli talks to his sons and asks questions, but gets no real response and certainly no repentance takes place.  God's plan of judgement goes forth and Eli's son's die.  

Sometimes we receive criticism and need to know that God may put people in our lives to speak "for him."  We need to recognize this.  Truth is hard to digest some days but it is truth.  One response to criticism is to ponder in our hearts, could this be the Lord speaking?  And then act accordingly.

Another response is to remain silent in the criticism and know that quite possibly this person is critical because of their own insecurities, jealousy or to seek retaliation.  The possibilities are limitless as to why a person is critical.  Can we do anything about this?  Can we ever put out all the fires?  No.  Remaining silent and letting God deal with this person is the best response.  That is giving God authority to make right.  And he will.  

  Exodus 14:14: “The Lord will fight for you…and you shall hold your peace.”

Be encouraged today that the only actions in this world you can be responsible for are yours.  How you respond in all situations of life is key.  You own that and are responsible for that.  We can't dictate how our children will live their lives.  We can pray, raise them in godly homes and dedicate them to the Lord.  But at the end of the day they are responsible for their actions.  The same with the people in our lives.

~Lisa Clark, Sky Ranch Parenting Mentor

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