Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lisa Life Lesson- "Teaching Your Children Humility - Just tell them about Jesus"

Teaching humility, well, it's humbling.  We can try to be humble and model it but our sinful nature can take over at times.  We're human.  Humility is best described as never putting yourself, your needs, before others.  Taking the backseat and giving someone else the honor and glory.  That's humility.

No spotlight.  No partiality.  Others first.  That's humility.

When I think about teaching my children humility, my first thought is to tell them about Jesus.  Read to them the story of Jesus.  

Jesus Christ left the glories of heaven to come to earth and be a man.  He left his Father.  He left all adoration and praise to be a man on earth so that we could have hope.  He left all majesty, honor and glory to come to earth.  He was a King.  And he came to save us.  He left his kingdom to come to earth and save us.

He was raised as a carpenter's son, learning carpentry by trade.  He lived modestly, and at times had not a place to rest his head at night.  He learned all he could from his teachers, was obedient to his parents, worked hard, resisted Satan and had no sin in his life.  Never a bad thought.  Never a disagreeable tone.  No envy.  No jealousy.  No covetousness.  Never pinched his siblings in the car.  No sin.  Perfect.  And he lived this out in an imperfect world full of all kinds of filthy sin.  

He was beaten, brutally, and nailed to a cross.  All the while pursuing us.  Forgiving us.  Loving us.  He died and rose 3 days later because he wanted us to have a relationship with his Father and we couldn't without him.  No hope for us without Jesus.  He never quit pursuing us. 

We don't deserve what he did for us.  And he knows that.  But he did it anyway.  That's 

Lisa Clark
Sky Ranch SkyMom Parenting Mentor

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