Friday, January 30, 2015

Retreat Reflection from Terrie Chevaillier!

Reflections from Sky Moms Retreat 2015

So much truth and joy to reflect on!  It’s hard to sum it up in a short blog post. This is what I saw:

I saw moms come together in one place for 24 hours to worship, connect, enjoy creation, and learn truth.

I saw three worship leaders who led us in their unique giftedness to sing songs of praise and worship and invite His presence to permeate our time together.  His presence was greatly experienced.

I saw four amazingly gifted speakers take scripture and teach us how to find pure joy in trials, in Christ, in our marriage and family, and in the word “GO” as we are His disciples.

I saw three young single men and women in their 20’s give out such Godly truth, wisdom and encouragement to moms that it was clear that the Spirit of God had gifted them as He did young Timothy in the bible.

I saw women decorate the retreat with such intentionality, vision, and purpose and was reminded of how God gifted the people in specific gifts as they obediently built the tabernacle and then God’s presence filled the place. 

I saw the gospel permeate the center of everything that was shared and talked about.

I saw women enjoy His creation and free time and women enjoy soaking up truth.  God knew what every woman needed that was coming to that weekend and provided abundantly for those specific needs to be met. 

I saw food preparation and service with a gift of hospitality and cooking be extended to moms with loving hands that prepared and served food all weekend.

I saw a staff that worked with excellence to provide moms a place of comfort and cleanliness.

I saw moms with heart’s desires to love and serve their families come together in one place to be encouraged for one weekend to return to their homes forever changed.  Moms uniquely gifted and called to go out from that place and return to be the hands and feet gifted for just what their individual families need.

I saw PURE JOY on display! 

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