Thursday, July 9, 2015

What I Wish I Had Known - Lisa Clark

I'm not an overachiever by trade, so getting my girls ready for camp was a breeze.  Just keepin' it real! I always made sure they had enough clothes and one or two things for the theme nights.  I sent some care packages and letters.  I certainly didn't go to the extreme that some moms go to by any means.  So my take on this question is a little bit different...

I wish I had known that this would be the beginning of her personal spiritual journey.  I wish I had known that this week of camp would launch her into a season of personal bible study and devotion.  I wish I had known that this one week would begin a lifetime of hunger for God's word and an eagerness to meet him everyday for quiet time and worship.  I thought it was camp.  But God had other things in mind.

The first year we picked Camryn up from Sky Ranch she proclaimed, "That was the best week of my life!" Well, okay! Can't top that I don't guess.  Life was going to be downhill after this week.  But lo and behold the next year we heard these words, "This week was even better than last year!" What????? Yep.  Relationships and a deeper dive into biblical truth made it all better.  It just got better and better.  The camp hadn't changed.  Her heart had.  Her desire for truth had grown.  She was desiring the things of God.  And that made it better...sweeter.

I wish I had know how valuable these precious weeks at Sky Ranch were for the overall spiritual development of my child.  Every time I see her with an open bible, or worshipping her Savior, or praying with a friend, I'm reminded of the stepping stones that led her there and once again I'm thankful for her time at Sky Ranch.

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