Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dear Sky Ranch - Jennifer Bownds

Dear Sky Ranch,

I would love to share one of the 2000 reasons why I love Sky Ranch.  Last year we had an event that happened in our home that was life changing for my daughter.  She was in 7th grade and was going through a rough time with friends.  She was having to choose between giving up friendships and following Christ and His ways or going with what the world and peers said was cool.  She was trying to discover who her true friends were.  She struggled with this for weeks.  

One day I picked her up from school and she cried all the way home.  She specifically asked me why God would put her through this when she was trying to do the right thing.  I could tell she was at her breaking point with what to do with this situation.  We came home and by now she was sobbing.  

I had noticed earlier in the day that a letter from Sky Ranch had come in the mail for her.  I was hoping it was some fun mail out that would cheer her up.  I gave it to her and she opened it.  I watched the tears flow faster as she read the letter.  It was the letter she had written to herself the last day of camp this summer before school had started.  This is what she had written to herself “ Lord, open my eyes this year at school so I can see who is really my friends and who is really there for me.  Please let me be known at school as a great Christian.  I don’t care what everybody thinks.  You are my best friend”.    Right before my eyes I got to experience my daughter have a true encounter with her savior.  What a day I will never forget !!  

I immediately called Chrisleigh Jones, who is our blessing sent to us from above, who is on staff at Sky Ranch.  I asked her who mailed out the letters and what the process was of sending them out.  She told me that they pray over the letters and ask God for guidance as to when they send each letter out.   Sky Ranch is a place that truly seeks the wisdom from God as they help and equip us to raise up Godly children.  

My daughter has been beyond blessed to have Chrisleigh in her life now for 5 years.  What started out as a Sky Ranch counselor her first year at camp, has turned into her mentor of many years.   I cannot tell you how full my heart is because of the relationships we have made through Sky Ranch.   I have seen my daughter many times read her letter.  It is her anchor to keep following Christ no matter what the world says.  Thanks Sky Ranch for all you do !!!


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