Monday, April 5, 2010

Discipline 101

I was thinking about discipline the other day and began to think of the origins of the word. Originally the word “discipline” was defined as “Instruction given to a disciple.” Thus the word, discipline. Makes sense doesn’t it? But I can’t help but think we’ve lost sight of the disciple part. I think many of us stop short at discipline. We’re so busy with the responsibilities of life, that when we need to discipline our children we do just that. We discipline but don’t disciple. I think we could make huge strides if we made discipline a 2 part plan. First, discipline. Think of a creative and smart way to discipline my child so he “gets it.” Then, disciple him. Show him the correct response and attitude or the opposite way of handling the situation he got in trouble for in the first place. Our children are looking to us to show them the way, to “disciple” them. The world will not show our kids how to live godly lives. The world is teaching worldly values, characteristics and self-centeredness. We, as godly parents, can show our kids how to do it right.

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