Monday, April 19, 2010

"Lisa Lesson"

Here we are having a blast enjoying our coffee while listening to Lisa share with us about Goal Setting thru the eyes of Christ... and learning is "Is Average Ok?" for our kids?! Sure it is, and we should celebrate the day to day things that our children do... that are just average!!
Lisa always says, "bring out the red plate (the special plate for special occasions) to celebrate the little things". Like getting a "b" on a test paper, when they fully applied themselves, doing something kind for a sibling, or even doing a chore without having to be asked.
We don't need to just celebrate the MAJOR achievements, we need to celebrate being AVERAGE!

At each Sky Gathering not only do we leave with great nuggets of parenting wisdom from Lisa Clark...but now you get an awesome notepad that you can jot down your grocery list on, send an encouraging note to your kiddo in their lunch, or a message pad to leave by your home phone :)

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