Monday, September 27, 2010

Lisa Life Lesson ~ “How Often Should We Rescue Our Children?”

We had a discussion at our SkyMoms Gathering last week about how often a mom should "rescue her child" from school work being left at home or a lunch box forgotten.  Several ideas were thrown into the mix, but we all landed on the "1 Free Pass" per semester idea.  Each semester, I (mom) will bring up a paper left on the printer, a lunch left in the car, or the project left on the island in the kitchen.  After that, you reap what you sow.  Teaching responsibility to our children is HARD.  Why?  Because we want them to succeed!  And the more help we give them the more their opportunity to succeed, right? NO!!! When we swoop in and save the day we are teaching our children that we are their savior.  We are not.  God is.  When they are left to "reap what they sow" then we are teaching them to rely fully on God.  A "B" versus an "A-" is an easy lesson to learn for a day late grade.  If we let them learn the easy lessons at a young age, they will more quickly learn the hard lessons as they get older.  A responsible child is a child who knows who they are in Christ and leans on Him for understanding, truth and wisdom.  A responsible mom is a mom who let's God work in the life of her child and gets out of the way when He says, "MOVE!"
~Lisa Clark

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