Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lisa Life Lesson ~"Passwords, please?"

Passwords, please?

Moms, do you know your children's passwords? To their email, facebook, twitter, iphone?  

We all need boundaries and protection.  Because they are still young, immature and inexperienced, we place boundaries in our children's lives for protection and accountability.  Knowing their passwords helps us parent them by assuring them that we are their partners and extra pair of eyes in this ever-changing world of technology.  And reminding them that while you trust them, you do not trust others trying to exploit or violate them.

Keep an updated file of passwords for your children.  Remind them that the equipment is yours.  If they change a password they need to update the file.  If they don't, they lose the privilege of operating your equipment.  

"A wise son heeds his father's instruction..." Proverbs 13:1

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