Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lisa Life Lesson ~"Top 10 Teen “To-Do’s!"

Top 10 Teen “To-Do’s!”

1.  Text them to tell them you’ve prayed for them today! (Pray first!) Also, text them a scripture you’ve prayed over them…just the reference…then they can look it up later!
2.  Write a message of encouragement or a scripture on their bathroom mirror in lipstick…for boys, frame a colorful message/scripture every other week…they’ll look forward to new messages…I promise! (Even if they never mention it!)
3.  When disciplining, look your children eyeball to eyeball! This might be uncomfortable at first, but they will read the love intended through the discipline if they can see your full face.
4.  Celebrate Re-Birthdays! Each year, have a small cake or cupcake and celebrate the number of years they are In Christ! Don’t remember the exact date they accepted Christ? Then celebrate the month or a baptism date…This is a good time to reflect on what God is doing in his/her life and measure growth that has taken place over the year.
5.  Don’t like their taste in music? While in the car, play your kind of music, real loud. It’s your car, right? (I love to blast Carol King’s Tapestry CD on a sunny day. I’m real cool like that!)
6.  Want to make your child feel valued and special??? Get off the cell phone!!! Seriously, when the kids are in the car…talk to them, not the phone!
7.  Boy not talkin’ much, especially when you pick him up from school? Turn off the radio…overstimulation causes kids to shut down verbally…also, bring a water bottle for the ride home. Kids can dehydrate during the day with all work and no H2O!
8.  Pray for your children, let them know you are praying and ask them how you can pray for them! Remind them that nothing is too big or too small for God. (If you’re not praying for your kids…who is?)
9.  Be real…when you make a mistake, admit it, when you are right, don’t gloat. Our kids see a lot of fake (ie. Television, magazines, billboards). If we keep it real at home, they know they can trust us and will be able to relate to us.
10.  “Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.”   ~1 Cor 11:1~
~Lisa Clark

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