Monday, June 6, 2011

Tips from Tori ~ "Contacting Your Camper at Camp Using Mail, Email and staying Current using Twitter!"

Moms, your sons or daughters would love to receive a letter or an email delivered to them throughout the week!  I promise this is a highlight that they look forward to! 
You can also get the latest camp news by following SkyRanchSummer on Twitter!

Contacting Your Camper at Camp Using Mail, Email and staying Current using Twitter!

Contacting Your Camper

If an emergency arises you can call our office 24 hours a day and one of our staff will assist you. If your camper needs to contact you we will facilitate that as well. The after-hours emergency number is 903-266-3399.
“I know my child is doing great, it’s me that is lonely!” We’s a tip - send an e-mail or letter to your camper. The address for all regular mail correspondence is
Camper’s Name and Session Number
Camper’s Cabin Number
24657 CR 448
Van, TX 75790
Sending Emails to Your Camper
We enlist a third-party provider to process our e-mails (hundreds per day) and kids love it! Your color e-mail will be delivered directly to your camper with the daily mail call. This service is optional and will incur an additional fee from the provider. More information will be provided at Check-In or you may visit for complete details.
Keeping Current with Twitter
Get the latest camp news by following SkyRanchSummer on Twitter. We’ll be “tweeting” throughout the day. If you think it would be fun to hear little bits of detail from daily camp life as a way to “follow” your child’s week, then this is for you.  We will not use camper names or personal information in our “tweets,” rather we will be trying to capture something from every cabin each day. However, for privacy purposes, we will not use individual camper names.
If your campers want to keep up with camp life after their week of camp, they may want to follow other sessions from your twitter site! However, the only non-camper information coming through twitter will be concerning Saturday pick up instructions, pre-registration instructions, or emergency information concerning camp.
Getting Started with Twitter
It’s simple to get started on twitter. You just need a personal computer connected to the internet. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be “tweeting” in no time!
1) Go to HUwww.twitter.comUH.
2) Set up your personal twitter account by clicking on “Get Started Now” button.
3) Enter your information.
4) Skip the “friends on twitter” step.
5) Skip the “Look who is here” step. Be sure to clear all checks from list of suggested twitter users to follow.
6) Click Finish. Your account is set up!
7) Now, click on the “Find People” button in top right corner.
8) Search for “SkyRanchSummer”.
9) Click on the “Follow” button.
10) Now, click on the “Home” button. This will take you to the page where your updates will appear throughout the week. You can leave it up on your computer and follow as they appear or check in periodically.
11) Explore the Twitter site for more options. You can set it up so that you receive twitter messages on your cell phones.
12) Tip: We encourage you to click on the “Settings” button. And choose to receive “no @ replies”. Otherwise if anyone else chooses to respond to SkyRanchSummer, you will receive it as well.
13) Finally, while you can reply to SkyRanchSummer through Twitter, please know that this is a one-way form of communication. There will be no response. If you need to contact camp for any reason, please call Guest Registrations at 903-266-3300.
We hope you enjoy your updates and we appreciate your patience as we work with this new technology. 

Tori Miller
~Sky Ranch SkyMom Ministry Director

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