Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tips from Tori..."sanity savers"!

Sanity Savers...

It all started this summer with a bible study titled 
"I wish someone would have told me..."! 
It was here a wise lady from our church spoke about purposeful, time saving, and value cooking. Not only for the sake of being a good steward with the monetary rewards the Lord has given us, but also to be wise with our time with our families around the dinner table. We NEED to be and should try to be more intentional about already being prepared with food in the freezer so we can be available to feed anyone at anytime...before a football/cheer game, or right after church and right before choir practice, when an unexpected guest arrives, or even if a friend goes into the hospital with an emergency and the family needs a meal!  
I must admit I have not taken this challenge on quickly....but, this week I did double my usual spaghetti recipe and was able to freeze the other 1/2!  WOW it feels soo good, knowing that I do have a homemade meal in the freezer waiting on us this week, that we can thaw it at any needed time!

My precious friend that I told you about also gave me this book, THIS week...

I cant wait to try more of these recipes!

ThEN, another friend and neighbor from Plano sent me a great link in her blog THIS weekend....hmmm, maybe someone is trying to tell me something about my cooking...hahaha!!

In all serious...we should be cooking (when we can) as MOMs and bringing our FAMILIES
 to the dinner table...it is here we can learn and :

~Quickly regroup and find out about each others day 
~Pray for each others needs
~Tell each other one good thing that happened in their day
~Discuss the plans for the next days routine
~Look through last years Christmas cards each night and pick out a family to pray for
~Play favorites game
~Begin fun games with cleaning dishes, or clearing table
~ENJOY the moments

oh, and if I made the food...just eat it..and don't complain!!!
Love you!

Tori Miller
Sky Ranch SkyMom Ministry Director

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