Friday, February 1, 2013

Lisa Life Lesson- "Daddy’s Girl is Getting Married'

Daddy’s Girl is Getting Married

We’re two and a half weeks away from our eldest daughter’s big day.  She’s getting married.  This is our family’s first wedding so we’re excited and nervous and ready for it to get here.

My husband, Brad, is an excellent father.  When I say excellent I mean he has given this job 200% of his effort and attention.  I have never questioned his commitment to our family, our marriage, our children.  He has been ALL IN from day one.  

We have two daughters, Caroline 23 and Camryn 19.  If you know us, you know Caroline is his “mini me” and Camryn is mine.  He and Caroline have definitely struggled through the years because their “same personalities” have clashed. BUT they are also joined at the hip.  Tighter than tight.  They “get” each other.

So when it was time for Caroline to fall and love and get married, Brad thought “I’m praying for him because he’s gonna have a tiger by the tail.”  Then he would chuckle and say, “I’m pretty sure we’ve got time…lots of time.” Hehehe

Well, she did fall in love and is getting married.  Happened pretty quick.  And he is perfect for her.  He gets her.  Thank you, Lord.

Brent went through the process of speaking with Brad a couple of weeks before the engagement night and “asking for his permission to marry his daughter.”  It was pretty precious and wonderful.  I was listening hard from a few rooms over.  And then they ate steak or beef or something men do together.

Over that next week or so I watched Brad ponder what was happening.  I could tell he was overjoyed for Caroline.  And he loved Brent.  She had found the man of her dreams.  I suspect he was wondering where he would fit in to this new normal and what would happen to their relationship.  My heart hurt for him at times as he walked through this process and anticipated the passing of the baton.  

She has made him very proud.  Her life has been one of great spiritual depth and obedience.  She has rarely disappointed us.  She has been a young woman of great character and has modeled how a godly woman should live.  She has been a complete joy to parent.  I guess that makes this even harder.

When Brad spoke with Brent he told him he had 3 things on his “list” for potential sons in law.  3 things.  That’s it.  

  1. That he love Jesus Christ with all his heart, soul and mind.
  2. That he love his daughter (Caroline or Camryn) with his whole heart.  
  3. That he provide for her and work hard.

I suppose if the list went on things such as 4). Competitive ping-pong player and        5).  Psycho Dallas Cowboys fan might be on there, too.

Brent met the requirements.  So in two and half weeks she’s all his.  Our baby will walk down the aisle with her precious daddy into her Prince Charming’s arms and they will begin their story.  

Moms, never stop praying for your children.  Never give up.  Never consider the struggle too hard or too much.  God created you and your children with a purpose.  He created them for His glory.  Until the day we die, we should remain true to this calling.  To glorify God.  

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  1. Lisa - this so sooo good! And makes me thankful that my girls are still little :)