Friday, March 15, 2013

Lisa Life Lesson- "Just call me Mom, or Holy Spirit, or whatever…'

Just call me Mom, or Holy Spirit, or whatever…

So it’s like this, certainly God is busy convicting all 7 BILLION of us on the planet that at times He needs little ol’ mom to do some convictin’ up in here…right?

I have good convictional skills.  I know just how to get my point across so the rest of the family is miserable and guilty and miserable.  Then I go sit in my holiness and gloat.  It’s the best feeling in the world.  Not.

Here’s the problem with Mom being Holy Spirit and trying to convict her family of their sin.  Mom is a sinner, too.  Mom needs to get the plank out of her own eye.  Mom is not the standard for holiness.  Mom just sees what she sees and that is an external manifestation of the heart.  God sees the heart.  He knows how to change the heart and not just actions to look good.  Mom is more concerned about the outside, God the inside.  Moms motives are right, wanting to help her family make right choices, but when we cast our own convictions onto our family members, without them being convicted in their spirit, we end up being The Judgmentalist.  (You’ve seen that TV Series, right?) That’s not who I want to be.

I want to be a mom who forgives, sets an example, offers the same grace she’s been given and prays for her family.  

I’m not talking about obedience issues here.  I’m talking about those things that take conviction.  They’re different for all of us.  To see the movie or not see the movie.  To wear this or not wear this.  To say it or not say it.  To go there or …

Convictions are a result of a desire to live a godly life.  My convictions change as I grow.  Your convictions might be different than your husbands.  His might be different than yours.  We are all at different places in the journey towards righteousness but we are all on the journey.  Never accept complacency in your own journey.  Keep growing and shining and revealing the character of Christ in your own life.  When you are tempted to convict, pray.  Give it to God and He will make Himself known at His perfect time.

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