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Teach Intentionally..."Family Time…Peace with God and peace within", with Stacy A. Davis ~ Bible Teacher and Sky Ranch Board Member

Family Time…Peace with God and peace within

This month’s family time topic from the “Sky Ranch Family Devotional: Follow the Leader” is on “Jesus brings you love and peace“ and the weekly discussion is on “Peace with God and peace within.“

This week in your family time, I would encourage you to prepare by praying for your family and asking God to reveal if anyone in your family still is not at peace with God. Pray for God to give you the words to help each person find peace with God.

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This week we are in the 5th  Topic and 26th  Family Time (or page 51 ) of the Sky Ranch Family Devotional “Follow the Leader”…
Family Time 26: 
Topic 5: Jesus brings you love and peace…Peace with God and peace within
Talk with God: Read… Scriptures and questions below.
Colossians 1:20  … and through Him (Jesus) to reconcile all things to Himself (God), having made peace through the blood of His cross; …
  • In Col. 1:20, Jesus’ blood on the cross made peace with Whom?

Romans 5:10  (In reference to Jesus) For if while we were enemies, we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.  
  • In Rom. 5:10, what resulted in the death of Jesus?

Romans 5:1 Therefore having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,
  • In Rom. 5:1, our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ justifies us and brings what result?

Romans 5:11  And not only this, but we also exult in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received the reconciliation.
  • In Rom. 5:11, since we are reconciled to God, how do we respond?
Walk with God: Discuss… Sin causes you to be enemies with God. But belief in the Lord Jesus Christ justifies and reconciles you with God. What is the result of Jesus’ peace?
Prayer suggestion…  Pray for God to grant you peace.
Family Time 26: 
Leader Answers:
  • God
  • We were reconciled to God
  • Peace with God
  • Exult (praise and celebrate) in God
  • Discussion ideas: The result is a right relationship with God, in this right relationship, you will have peace within yourselves and peace with God. You will finally be on the same team with God. God will place His indwelling Holy Spirit within you and give you peace through Him and a desire to live godly. We have all had times of fighting and peace with others.  Which did you like better… fighting or peace?  Have you ever been fighting with someone and then made peace… what was the result in the relationship?
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