Monday, June 3, 2013

Lisa Life Lesson, “Putting Others First - What does that look like?" Watch this video!

As I watched this video this morning, I couldn't help but think, "Her parents must be so proud of her!" How do you teach your children selfless behavior and putting others first? As we know, it doesn't come naturally... for most of us.  We are preoccupied with I, me, myself.  It's our sin nature.  So overcoming this and desiring to put others first is learned.  And dependent on the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  We can't be who God has called us to be (selfless) without knowing Him.  But with His help (His Holy Spirit) we can be ALL He has called us to be.
Modeling this sort of behavior is key.  Remember, as we teach our children the ways of The Lord, we are teaching their children, and their children.  Generations have come to know the Savior of the world because of parents teaching their children.  It is a high and holy calling.  We can't take it lightly.  What a privilege to model the ways of Christ to our kids!
Watch this video.  Be prepared to feel lots of emotion.  The Shipley family loves The Lord.  That is very evident in Shelby's selfless act of love and kindness.  Find a way to teach your children that putting others first is not only biblical but its God's best for their lives.
Lisa Clark
Sky Ranch Parenting Mentor

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