Friday, May 24, 2013

Prayer Encouragement: “The Target for our Arrows” by SkyMom, Terrie Chevaillier

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
So are the children of one's youth
Psalm 127:4
Last summer I wrote about one of my boys heading out to Sky Ranch for a five week session to be a counselor. We were thrilled that he was having the opportunity to do this as we had prayed for just that season to come. The season of summer between his first and second year of college.  Sky Ranch had always been a desire of his heart for that time in his life.  Shortly after arriving, we got the call from him asking for our blessing to allow him to stay full summer.
I admit....I wrestled with God for a day or two.  Selfishly we wanted him home. We love being with him. His brothers were awaiting time with him to go and do all of their plans they had dreamed up while their brother was away for his first year at college.
After some prayer and time in the Word.....the Lord helped me to see that my plans for him needed to be fully surrendered and released. My time of training in the home was all in preparation for this launch.  Last year The Lord gave me comfort with the story of Samuel where his mother Hannah had prayed earnestly for a child and then purposes in her heart that she would dedicate Samuel to The Lord for His service....and at a much younger age than where my son currently was. Thankful...I laid down my will for His and I cannot imagine keeping him from all that he got to experience in serving full summer.
So this year....he comes home for ten days before heading out to Sky Ranch for full summer. We had known for a while that he would be there all summer. And...we had prayed that he would be used in a mighty way...all summer.  I cleared my calendar for the ten days he was home. Soaked up all of his contagious joy and enthusiasm and fun spirit.  Watched an entire movie with him which is SO SO hard for me to do.  He would tell you it is almost impossible for me to do that....and do it without a book or iPad in my hand.
After church on Sunday, we had lunch and I took the other two boys and gave my husband the one on one time with him to Van. No big deal. I had a lot I needed to do with the other two arrows.
And like a came. Uncontrollable sadness and tears. The ten days was just enough to make me realize just how much he poured into our family.  I could not shake it. All of the other men in my house....big and little....were perplexed.  They would come near then back off.....just not certain what to do with this emotional release.  I too didn't even know what to do with it.  So after praying and still no peace, I just climbed into bed with my little guy and called it a day.  No words or doing was going to stop this "crazy". Sleep seemed to be the safest for me and those around me!
The next day, my husband gathered up his work and joined me for my day which involved a commitment to a friend to help her with some work in her kitchen. She wasn't going to be there so I guess he thought he might need to sit at her table and work just in case I had the same crying episode an hour away from home! It was sweet and it was sacrificial. While painting...I was listening to one of my favorites....Dennis Rainey on Family Life Today. He said...."moms and dads...those arrows in your quiver are meant to fly straight when they are released from your home at the age of eighteen.  This time you have them in your care is  training for that time and season of release."
Suddenly...I felt an overwhelming sense of peace as that arrow I had been so sad about releasing again was on a STRAIGHT path....headed straight for Sky Ranch! It wasn't bent and flying around aimlessly or choosing to stay comfortably in the quiver. It was flying straight into all that God had planned for him.  I was able to tell myself that I would be sad if it was off course, but today I could be filled with joy as it was headed in the  right direction and aimed for more than I could ever imagine for him.
Let's pray God's Word:
Dear Lord, thank You for the gift of children. Your Word says they are like arrows in our hands.
Thank You for Sky Ranch and how they are taught and trained according to the life map. Thank You that it helps us as parents set the course.
Show us our children's natural bent. How can our discipline and love be used as instruments to aim that arrow straight into Your will and plan.
Thank you for grace and mercy and do overs. Where we have gotten off course in the training, give us courage and vision to seek Your grace and mercy to get back on the track for where those arrows are aimed.
Help us to know how to navigate the release.
Lead us to joy as we have the honor of watching where that arrow lands.
~Terrie Chevaillier

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