Monday, May 6, 2013

Lisa's Life Lesson: A Mother's Love

I’m struggling a little today.  Mother’s Day is coming up and I’m in a new season of “motherhood” I guess.  Married daughter.  (Who I won’t be seeing this weekend.)  Empty nester, sort of…my college girl comes home just in time to celebrate with me! Woohooo!
No matter what, moms want the best for their kids, right? I’m not talking about the mom who abuses and abandons.  I’m talking about the rich mom, the poor mom, the working 3 jobs mom, the stay at home mom, we all have our children’s best at heart.  We really do.  We adore our kids and want them to grow up to be healthy, adjusted, hard working adults who care.
This became extremely evident to me this week as I mentored a 23 year old mom whom CPS has removed her 6 year old daughter from her care.  She’s working very hard to get her daughter back.  She’s been clean and sober for 45 days and is training to learn a skill to be employed and have a career.  Absolutely amazing.  I’m so proud I could bust.
As she shared with me her story, I’m sure my jaw was on the table most of the time.  I’ve never really heard quite a story up close and personal.  But I was up for it.  She explained to me that drugs was all she knew because her mom did drugs, her mom’s boyfriends, her dad.  Drugs was all she knew.  But her mom loved her.  Still.  To feed her, her mom would rummage through trash cans of fast food restaurants and find old receipts, then walk up to the counter and proceed to tell the person behind the counter that her order was “wrong” and demand a new meal.  Right or wrong, this mom was trying to provide for her daughter.  I’ve never heard quite a story.  But I don’t really associate with this “kind” of family.
A mother’s love is never ending.  We will go to great lengths to love our children.
I’m thankful today.  Thank you God that you chose me to be Caroline and Camryn’s mom.  Thank you God for my mom.  Thank you for healing and continuing to heal that relationship.  Thank you for the moms out there who might not “love” their kids like I do, but they are doing the best they can.  Help me to love those moms, too.  Not just the moms that look and act like me.

Lisa Clark
Sky Ranch Parenting Mentor

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