Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lisa Life Lesson- "Loving Obedience"

Wouldn't it be easy if there was a checklist everyday for us to show our kids to make sure they are perfect kids? Do this, don't do this...and all will be good in the world.

I guess a list like that did exist in the Old Testament.  The law.  The problem with the law is it wasn't possible for the people (you and me) to keep it.  It was perfect.  We aren't.  What did the law do? Pointed us to the holiness of God.  And our need for a Savior.

Enter Jesus.  God saw our need and He delivered.  A King.  Who bore our sins on the cross and took our punishment for us.  Now we enjoy a life with God even though we can't keep the law.

Teaching our kids about the love of Christ is so essential because it also teaches them to love the law.  It teaches them that obedience is a natural response to what God did for us by sending Jesus.  It's all about the heart.

As you teach your children about Jesus, remind them that pleasing Him should be their highest aim.  As they please the Father, they please you.  He will always be with them.  You won't.  

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