Monday, October 14, 2013

Lisa Life Lesson- "Defining Moments"

I think there might have been a defining moment in my parenting journey when I felt God's presence so fully, holding my hand as I attempted to do this right.  Only Jesus.

Caroline was in 2nd grade and I received a call from a mom of a boy in her class.  She was irritated from the start of the call.  I knew she wasn't calling to ask me to bring brownies to the class social.  No. She had an agenda and my daughter's name was at the top.  She began to share with me that my daughter had called her son a "not so nice" word on the playground.  I found this funny but didn't laugh.   The word Caroline used didn't even make sense.  But anyway, she proceeded to tell me that she'd dealt with lots of name calling her whole life and she was afraid this would break her son's spirit like hers was broken growing up.  I totally related and felt her concern.  Well, needless to say, I profusely apologized on my daughter's behalf and promised to rectify the situation.  

I was mortified.  I pondered why.  Was I mortified because my parenting was under attack? Was I mortified because my child was a sinner.  Was I mortified because she acts just like her daddy? What? 

God spoke at that moment.  And he said in no uncertain terms, "Lisa, this isn't about you."  

"It's not?" 

So, before talking with my husband or daughter, I began to pray that Caroline would see her need for repentance and not try to blame anyone else.  Or make excuses for herself (ie. "I was just kidding!").  But that she would see where she fell short of God's best for her life.  And look at how the boy felt when she said hurtful things.  And that she would confess, repent, learn and grow.  

And it worked.  I took time to pray instead of go into the fetal position in the corner because someone had called me and my child out.  This is usually our first instinct isn't it, mom? We take our kid's sin personally.  I can't.  I'm here to reflect Christ.  He takes is personally.  He took it personally.  All the way to the cross.  

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