Monday, November 11, 2013

Lisa Life Lesson- "Christmas Project - Time is of the Essence!!!"

Now is the PERFECT time to start your Christmas Legacy Letters! What are those you might ask?

8 or so years ago, God laid on my heart the need for my girls to know their heritage.  They didn't know how their grandparents met, where their great grandparents grew up, the history, their legacy.  So...

I called each living great grandparent and grandparent and asked them to handwrite a letter to my girls telling "their story."  I asked them to send the letters to me before Christmas Eve, so I could put a red ribbon around the letters and put in each stocking.

Let me just tell you these letters are a TREASURE.  My mom is the only living grandparent now, so these letters are even more special.  

This is a Christmas project you will cherish for years to come.  

These letters led us to another tradition.  Every Christmas Eve, our family of 5 (we added a son this year!) write letters to the other family members.  We recap the year.  Talk about qualities we see in the other.  Love each other in words.  The letters are mounting in my nightstand.  My husband leads this effort every year.  He likes to write.  Words heal, encourage and show value.  Write it down.  

Make everyday count, Moms!

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