Monday, June 16, 2014

Lisa Life Lesson- "Where's the Justice?"

Sometimes as parents (read Moms) we become obsessed with what the other kids are doing.  "Why didn't so-in-so get in trouble for that and my kid did? They did the same thing and so-in-so did it worse! My kid got in trouble and so-in-so didn't? Where's the justice?" blah blah 

I was always leery of Mom Cops.  The moms who wanted "justice for all...especially her kids."  Mom, there will never be justice for all in this fallen world.  Period.  Nothing will ever be perfect.  When we try to police our kid's friend, OR our friend's kids, we will go bonkers! Cray Cray! Cuckoo!!! We can't do it.  We can't be the judge and jury.  We need to just focus on our happy nest and make sure we are providing the love and discipline our children deserve from us.  

I know.  It's hard.  We see all this other stuff going on and we're like..."man, life is tough for my little man.  He can't catch a break."  Well, life is tough.  But God sees.  He is the judge, jury, redeemer, life give, life changer, manager over all.  He will make it right.  You can't.

Here's one of my favorite parenting verses for this very issue.  (See, God thought of everything.)

 "But you are obsessed with whether the godless will be judged.  Don't worry, judgement and justice will be upheld." Job 36:17  In other words, don't worry about your kid's friends being held responsible for their sins, and your friend's kids being held responsible for their sins.  God sees all and will hold ALL OF US RESPONSIBLE.  We need to focus on ourselves and our little ones.  

Here's the good news! Jesus came and lived a perfect life because we were ALL falling short.  Our sin was keeping us from a relationship with God.  So His perfect son came and died for the sins of the world.  When we accept His son and the gift of salvation, we are made clean.  Forgiven.  His grace covers ALL our sin.  And we can then have the relationship with Him that was intended from the beginning.  Thank you, Jesus!

So, here's to not judging.  Not condemning.  Just praying for the Holy Spirit to enable us to live the life of abundance He has called us to live.  A holy life full of love, forgiveness and service.

Lisa Clark
Sky Ranch Parenting Mentor

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