Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lisa Life Lesson- A fresh, new school year! Oops! I said the "S"

Oh dear...summer is flying by. Back to school commercials are starting to play. Target has 14 aisles of school supplies. Breathe mom. Breathe.

I love fresh starts. So does our savior. He loves new. He makes all things new. So use this new school year as an opportunity to embrace new.

A new way to celebrate and reward your children, for character, love, obedience, discipline, kindness, service and overall Christ-like behavior.

School and life rewards/recognizes the overachievers and success stories. And that's great. But use your home to recognize the qualities not being rewarded in the world. Ribbons aren't passed out for a gentle smile. Medals aren't given for obeying the first time. But you, mom, can bless this behavior in your home.  Because your home is a refuge and place of honor where these qualities are seen, valued and appreciated. That's what makes home..home. A blessed place.

New is so good. This is a new year for you. Such a great feeling. Here's to new!!!

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