Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lisa Life Lesson "An important message for moms of new high schoolers"

Mom, try to resist the urge to give your new high schooler a full high school experience in the first month!!  I know, they are feeling their oats and all that, however, you have 4 years to let them experience high school and all it has to offer.

Boy/girl sleepovers, mature themed movies, dating, limos, parties, beach trips, costly clothing, privacy, etc. I truly do not live in the dark ages, I know there's more than what I listed that describes high school. But I sometimes feel mom is more excited about high school than her child.

Why? Reliving it maybe? A second chance. Memories. I don't know. But it's okay to say "no."  Let me say that again in another way, "No. We'll do _______________ when you're a junior or senior. Not as a freshman." 

Privileges come with obedience.

Lisa Clark
Sky Ranch Parenting Mentor

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