Thursday, November 20, 2014

Decorating with Beth Bryson... A Thanksgiving Table Decoration- So Festive!

1  Extra large package popcorn seeds
1 large package white beans
5-6 small mini pumpkins (fresh or fake)
ribbon (your choice)- * 1 1/2 yards will be enough to tie a nice knot around the vase.
1 large glass vase
Directions:  Place the package of  popcorn in the bottom of the container.  Next, arrange the mini pumpkins over the popcorn seeds.  Pour the white beans over/around the pumpkins.  Lastly,  tie a double ribbon band/knot around the container.   ENJOY the pretty colors and, this grand season of thankfulness!
This season is a time for counting our blessings and, taking time each day to Thank the Lord for ALL that we have!   We are beyond blessed to be Americans and, we celebrate all of the freedoms that we have because of this.  Enjoy each day this month!   Be blessed and rejoice!

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