Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Awesome God - Heather Stoner

I had the sweetest thing happen the other day.

Here is the story...

The night that I stayed for Opening Show and Hunter drove out, her Tahoe was giving her problems. So she called me, and I told her to pull over at the gas station at I-20 and 110 and I would come and get her. I didn't want anything to take away from that night and knew we'd deal with the car after opening. After opening show, we went back to it and we limped it down the road a few miles. I KNEW it wasn't making it the 40 min. home.  I asked God for a safe place to pull it into and leave it for the night.  110 is a country road without a lot of businesses or places to pull it into. Finally I saw a little business with an empty parking lot and pulled it in... As I tried to back it into a space, the transmission went out and the car got stuck in the middle of the small parking lot...

The next day I contacted AAA early and met them out there. While I was waiting for the tow truck to come, one of the guys from the business came out to ask about the truck that was sitting diagonally in his parking lot...I told him the tow truck was on it's way and thanked him for his patience. We got to chatting and I asked them what they did since his shirt had the name FAITHCO on it and the T was a cross. He said they did contracting and electrical...just what I needed.

So, Chad came out to the house and we walked through all my projects. Then, he made arrangements for Chris, the electrician, to come out. When I told mom and Tina how I had found the company I mentioned the story of coming back from Sky and God leading me to their empty parking lot in the middle of no where. We finished up our business, he left, and we started dinner. Then Chris called me from his car on his way home.

This is the good part!!! He had just picked his son up from Quest and he had been praying about the 2012 commitment and how to give. He was wondering if I would be willing to write the check that I would be writing to him for the electrical work out to SKY RANCH INSTEAD as a donation.  After registering what he had just said I said "of course"!!! He said they have known Sky for years and it's leadership and he wanted to bless them...ME TOO!! What an amazing thing to sit down at the table and tell mom, Tina, and Hunter such a God thing out of a $3500 transmission job!

GOD used this to have me meet Chad, who sent over Chris, who happened to pray that morning for a way to bless Sky Ranch, who I happened to thank for being patient with our truck that broke down coming home from Sky a couple of weeks ago.

Well, ladies, I hope that encourages you that God loves the ministry!

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