Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SkyMom Testimonial: Drop off and Pick up - Lisa Tyson

July 29, 2015
We have three children—16 and 13 year old boys and an 8 year old daughter. Everyone gets to pick “one thing” for summer. This year, my middle (Chase), chose Sky Ranch. This is not Chase’s first “camp experience” but it is his first Sky Ranch experience. I was not worried about him being away for a week at all. He is all about having fun, so from what I heard, this is the perfect place for him. 
I expected excellence and was not disappointed upon arrival. We looked around camp, got him to his cabin, met his counselors, unrolled his sleeping bag….all excellent. What I did not expect, was the feeling that overwhelmed me when the covered wagon trailer pulled away from his cabin and I waved goodbye. I realized that, while he has been away before, he has never been away when I was not able to call/text/FaceTime….I had left my precious handful of “all boy” middle child in the care of people I did not, and would not, know. Would they keep him safe? Would they make sure he did not get too hot or dehydrated? Would they make him wear sun screen and a life jacket to ride the jet ski? Would they make him take a shower and brush his teeth? So many questions run through a mom’s mind as you drive away leaving a child behind... But my ultimate, and most important question was this: Would they point my son toward the Cross of Christ? 
My questions were answered as I listened to the parent CD on the way home. YES. Yes to everything! He would have fun. He would be kept safe. He would be allowed to be “all kid” and “all boy.” Most importantly, He would be pointed to know the Lord. This week, my Daily Update Email tells me that he is learning about the Names of God. I cannot wait to hear all about it. From the smile on his face in the pictures, I am certain I miss him far more than he is missing me.  

August 1, 2015
We picked him up today.  I was giddy setting my alarm last night knowing that I would see him and my nest would be full again.  When we arrived at camp, it was again like a well oiled “excellence” machine.  You can tell that they are pro’s at this Camp Pick Up thing.  
When we walked up to one of his counselors to check him out, he spoke about our son as someone who had taken the time to get to know him.  He described him perfectly as a crazy, adventure loving, goof ball with a heart of gold who smiles all the time.  That’s my Chase.  After the Closing Ceremony and we actually got to hug him, another counselor presented him with an award.  He was given the “Honorable Award” for the way he represented his family and his Savior during the week.  Honor is a big deal in our family!  As we drove away from the camp, I listened to Chase talk…and talk…and talk…about new friends, new experiences, new lessons, and new knowledge of who God is to him.  
At dinner, he prayed for the Brothers in Christ (used those words) he met at camp and asked God’s blessing on them that they would continue to follow Jesus at home.  Chase called this the “coolest week ever at the coolest place ever.”  The only thing he would change is to bring a different water bottle to carry around with him.  If that’s the only thing he would change, I would say that it was a pretty great week.  We’ve already signed him, and his little sister, up for next year knowing that our God is a God who takes care of the details and logistics of making things happen.  After this experience, our family cannot imagine a summer without Sky Ranch!! 

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