Friday, September 4, 2015

Tips from Tori: First Born Going to College!

 "Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you every step you take"  Joshua 1:9

Before College
  1. Pray with them for their college experience and future roommate!
  2. Buy dorm room stuff along the way making it easier and not fussy to complete all at one time.
  3. Take time to clean out their room at home TOGETHER, collect mementos and put in memory boxes so when they come home from college their room at home is fresh and inviting.
  4. Write notes to your future college bound student that you will strategically hide during move in day.
  5. Have a family picture taken…preferably, in front of your home! Print these pics to have around the house for when you return without your new college freshman.

During Move In
  1. Pray with them and their roommate/suite mates in their new living quarters!
  2. Enjoy the dorm room “set- up” process.  Let the entire family help from cleaning, organizing, hanging pics to letting DAD take care of all the “handy-man” projects.
  3. Bring small cooler of waters and snacks to eat while unpacking and decorating, it takes longer than you think!
  4. Check out laundry machines together and help if needed on the “how to’s”.
  5. Secretively hide your notes, letters, words of encouragement to your child throughout their dorm room for them to find throughout room.
  6. Take a family pic, in their new “home away from home”!

After You Leave
  1. Pray for them!
  2. It’s okay to have the “ugly cry” while hugging them and leaving.  
  3. You might even cry spontaneously when a song comes on the radio or doing a project that you know they would typically love to help you with!
  4. Calling, texting and face timing are acceptable…they love it, even though they may not express it to you.
  5. You will MISS THEM!!
  6. Send a letter or care package the first week or so, and let them know it is coming so they can anticipate going to PO Boxes and begin learning how to operate their PO Box!
  7. Have a delivery or card for first day of classes…we found a local florist who delivered a small succulent plant that she can keep all year.
  8.  Occasionally send pictures/selfies to them of you and family and what you are doing, letting them know they are MISSED…and in return ask them to send you pics of themselves and their new friends!

Looks like we are all having a GREAT TIME managing and learning along the way of this new journey! 
Can’t wait to see her in person and hug her neck!

a momma letting go of her first born!

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