Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Puppet Master Mom - Lisa Clark

Moms who tend to be the puppet master for their kiddos tend to be their husband’s, too.  I’ve watched it and it’s sad.  It’s sad for several reasons.  First, the kids can’t make decisions.  They don’t know which way is up.  Can’t figure things out on their own and tend to be underachievers.  It’s ironic isn’t it? Puppet master moms seem to want the best and so much for their children.  Their intentions seem noble, but the outcome almost always works in the reverse.  

Secondly, their husbands are immobilized from being the head of the home.  Their hands are tied because mom will railroad her way in and through every situation.  And then one day she looks up and has no real relationship with her husband and her kiddos are in a world of hurt. 

Release the strings, mom.  Today.  Release and let go.  It’s not too late.  As a vessel of the Holy Spirit, you are capable of doing GREAT THINGS for your family! But living their lives is NOT what you’ve been called to do.  You are accountable for YOUR life and your children and husband are accountable for theirs.  

Control seems to be in our DNA as moms, but it is single handedly handicapping our children and families.  Let go and let God.  It’s not a cliché.  It’s real.  He can redeem your days and actions and intentions TODAY.  Claim His promises! Jeremiah 33:3

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