Friday, November 20, 2015

Good Stewardship - Sarai Akin

Brent and I were high school sweethearts. Been together for 17 years, married for 12 yrs. Sadie is 10, Ty is 6 and Eli is 3. We are members at Grace Community Church in Lindale where we actively serve in the GRACE K!DS ministry. I fell in love with Sky Ranch when I attended a leadership camp there as a high schooler. Summer 2016 will be our 6th year having own kids as campers there

In years past, we have paid summer camp tuition in full while requiring that Sadie (10) and Ty (6) earn their camp spending money (usually between $50-$75 each).  This year, Brent and I are committed to paying the majority of their tuition but have upped their required contribution beyond just spending money.  

To help them reach their goal through a visual tool, I created a custom 12-piece magnetic puzzle, each piece worth $25.  From now until May, they can save their chore money (after tithe and savings contributions) to purchase a puzzle piece towards their camp tuition.  We will have a designated space on the family fridge so they can see their puzzles slowly build over time.  I also invited grandparents and aunts to participate by giving them the opportunity to buy a puzzle piece as a birthday or Christmas gift in lieu of toys, games, books, etc. 

Our world of excess and entitlement runs counter to biblical principles of God’s sovereign ownership of all things and our responsibility to be stewards.  The Sky Ranch puzzle is one tool we are using in our home to emphasize personal financial responsibility.  We plan to give Sadie and Ty 1 puzzle piece each at Christmas to get the game started.

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