Friday, January 14, 2011

Lisa Life Lesson

Luke 6:40 “Disciples are not greater than their teacher.  But the disciple who is fully trained will become like the teacher.”

Hmmm…I read this verse with a fresh, new perspective this week and it dawned on me, WOW!  Moms need to see this!!!

As we teach our kids, we are the teacher/parent and they are the disciple/child.  I am reminded that I have a responsibility to teach, train and disciple my child, but along the way I have to stay ahead of the game or my child won’t benefit from my teaching.  If I’m learning and growing, so will my child.  If I’m headed down the path of destruction, then the likelihood is my child will, too. 

You might be saying, well, I know plenty of children who have escaped the destructive lifestyle of their parents, and who are serving and loving the Lord today.  I know those children, too.  And most had someone in their lives investing and disciplining them. 

Who has your child’s ear?  Their peers, teachers, coaches, mass media?  “But the disciple who is fully trained will become like the teacher.” 

It’s important for us to realize that we are training, teaching and disciplining on a daily basis.  We can’t lead our children where we have not been or where we are unwilling to go.   As moms, we should be motivated to be in God’s word, ready to hear from Him, ready to grow and ready to teach our children what God is teaching us. 

God bless you as you teach your little disciples.  I have two disciples depending on me to teach them the ways of the Lord.  One disciple is 21 years old.  One disciple is 17.  They will have their own disciples one day.  Until then, my prayer is I will lead them in the “way they should go.”

~Lisa Clark

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