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SkyMoms Gathering Topics 2011

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SkyMoms Gathering Topics 2011

"It's 2011 - Do you know where your children are?"

Christian parents are fighting a battle everyday against the trends of today.  We have to remember that life is so much easier than it was 20 years ago with regards to transportation, technology, education, and more!  But with this ease of life comes confusion and fear.  How do we raise our kids to keep FIRST THINGS FIRST?  To "love the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind...and their neighbor as themself?"  Is it possible to raise our families in a bubble?  Just temporarily until they get it?  That's a joke!!!

Where are your kids?  Where are their hearts?  How can you know they love the Lord and want to honor Him?  We will discuss teaching, discipling and mentoring our children the way God called us to train our kids.  It is our responsibility according to the Bible (even in 2011).  This is a fun, interactive discussion that will provide you with immediate tips and ideas to use in your household to help insure your children are growing in their faith and growing up to be the loving, responsible, God-fearing young adults you desire them to be.  

“Fighting Fair”

Have you ever heard the saying, “Pick your battles?”  Raising children takes that phrase to a whole new level, doesn’t it?  We can maintain a constant  “battleground” stance in our homes if we’re not careful, due to daily quarrels, situations that arise and sibling issues.  Asking the right questions, prayer and examination of the heart help to prepare you ahead of time for the problem du jour.  During this discussion, you will be equipped to look through the lens of grace and peace, while standing your ground. 

“Who’s in Charge?  Me or My Child?”

 Come on now, can you admit it?  Who’s in charge?  You THINK you are, but in your heart of hearts you know those precious little ones are running the whole show!!! How did this happen? The truth is it happens overnight.  They grow up, go to school, start extra-curricular activities and lo and behold we’re all running around like crazy people! Dinnertime isn’t around the table anymore, it’s in the SUV! Something’s gotta change.   Setting boundaries, goals and establishing family are all part of the points of discussion for this topic.  A favorite, this reality check has helped moms for the past few years simplify her family life for the better.

“Is Average Okay – Goal Setting According to Luke 2:52”

It’s been said that 80% of what we write down, we complete.  Are you a list maker?  Isn’t the best part of making a list marking through the completed item?  YES!!! When we set goals and write them down, we have a vision.  God reminds us in His word that without vision, people perish.  Goals keep us stretching and moving forward.  As a family, it’s important to sit down once or twice a year and look at the areas of growth in your family, collectively and individually.  During this discussion, we look at 4 areas of growth according to the scripture, “And Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and in favor with man.”  Luke 2:52.  We will show you how to complete a goal setting board for your family to use in your home.  In a world of over-achievers, sometimes it’s important to reward success in our homes that the world might not notice. 

“Parenting from the Inside Out”
(It’s all about the heart)

As moms, what do we spend more time on, the inside or outside of our children?  The answer is simple, outside! It’s normal.  The outside is what we see with our eyes.  However, God’s word is clear…the inside controls everything we see on the outside.  So why wouldn’t we invest at least an equal amount of time on both?  This discussion helps us to look at parenting in reverse.  But WE have to be willing to make the changes in our own lives necessary to teach our children how to love God with their whole lives.  Everything we do is about the heart. 

“Loving Your Child Too Much – Is it Possible?”

We know we can’t love our children too much, but we can over-parent them.  In our attempt to “love” them, we sometimes take God out of the picture and keep Him at arms length while we take care of a problem, or fix their situation until it’s “mommy perfect.”  How do we do this?  By controlling them, over-committing them and planning their future.  During this interactive and fun discussion (yes it’s fun!), we take a look at 8 strategies to immediately equip and enable us to give control back to God, and love our children the way He meant for us to love them.  They’re His children anyway, right?

“Enough with the Drama, Mama!”

A fun, fast, interactive discussion, this topic keeps the focus on staying out of the drama that seems to loom over us as we parent our children.  There’s always drama, isn’t there? Are you the Drama Queen or do you just get stuck in the middle, not knowing how you got there?  Many times, the drama is in our heads and not real at all.  Many times, it’s real and in our face! But God calls us to live our lives in such a way that leads others to Him.  We will take a step back, look at the facts and realize our part in this theatrical performance.  God’s way is so much better.  Let’s keep to His script.  

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