Thursday, July 26, 2012

Prayer Encouragement: "Why My Kids LOVE Sky Ranch" by SkyMom, Terrie Chevaillier

Why My Kids LOVE Sky Ranch

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this:
 While we were still sinners, Christ died for us
Romans 5:8

I have spent some time this summer with this question.
Why do my kids love Sky Ranch?
And what I mean is this:
I have listened to the experience of my eleven year old son who spent two separate
weeks at Sky Ranch and was loved so much by his counselors.
I have heard the desire to not attend a sports camp or miss out on some other 
invitation so my fourteen year old could attend two separate times as well.
This decision resulted in him missing the majority of a baseball tournament that was scheduled
after Sky Ranch was scheduled…..his decision was to continue with plan A….Sky Ranch.
I have heard the voice of counselors.
One being my own son…..other voices being the counselors he brought home to spend
the weekend at our home.
I have had the opportunity to hang out a little more there myself this summer.
In two words, I can sum up what my boys have experienced, what I have experienced
and what I have heard others say when they share their experience.
You see, what happens when you go to Sky Ranch is this…..
You are loved for just the person you are.
You don’t have to be perfect, act perfect, or look perfect.
There is no box to check or form to fill out before going
to let anyone know that you have what it takes to go to Sky Ranch.
You can show up and just be the kid that God created you to be.
I will sum that up in one word:
The answer to my question of why my kids love Sky Ranch so much can be summed up by the 
experience they have while there.   Their experience is the gospel in action:
God loved us so much, that while we were yet sinners,
He sent His only son to die on the cross for us
so that we could be free from sin’s power which is death.
Knowing that we were a people who could never do enough good things
or perfect things or right things, but He loved us anyway and wants to have a
relationship with us.

Let’s Pray God’s Word:
Thank You that You loved us so much that You sent Your son Jesus to die for us.
What a gift of freedom and unconditional love.
Knowing that every good and perfect gift is from You,
thank You for Christ and thank You for Sky Ranch.
I pray that the love my children have seen at Sky Ranch
would be a lasting picture and impression of just how much You love them.
Help us to be a home that does not have perfection as its standard for acceptance.
But, an understanding that its only because of Your perfection
that we can be anything close to that.
When we fail and when our children fail,
please give us the power to love ourselves and them unconditionally.
Make our home a place where the gospel is lived out every day of the year.
I am thankful that this is the experience they get at Sky Ranch.
Help us to learn from that and then model that same experience they have there
In our homes because of Christ’s unconditional love.
~ Terrie Chevaillier

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