Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SuperMom Snydrome

We finished our SkyMoms Luncheons last week and what a year we had! Lots of luncheons and almost 600 moms attending this year.  Our theme this year was The SuperMom Syndrome.  Here's a picture of moms in Rockwall preparing to take the pledge...

I am a SUPER MOM but I am not SUPERMOM.
I don’t even like the SUPERMOMS I know.
I know God created me for a relationship with Himself and I will find my identity in who I am in Christ, not who the world says I should be.
I can’t do it all.  And I don’t really want to do it all.
Lord, help me to pray, plan, prepare and pull over.
Because SUPERMOM is a myth.  And I’m the MYTHBUSTER

If you're interested in attending a SkyMoms Luncheon during the 2015-16 school year, watch the blog or facebook page.  We'll list the events in August! Stay tuned. We want to see you there!!!

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