Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Decorating...Tori Style!

Ok, So I must admit...along with my many things enjoy doing... DECORATING is one at the top of my list!  So, when it come to Christmas time I just cant stand it...I start pulling out the Christmas boxes right before Halloween weekend!

Now don't panic,  I did decorate this year for Fall, I only leave it out for September and October...( I just do your typical Fall items, pumpkins, gourds, fall wreaths etc. AND no witches, black cats, or ghosts for me!!!) but by October 25ish...I start putting away all the pumpkins, and OUT COMES CHRISTMAS!!!

This year all the outdoor lights were on the house, all the Christmas trees (8 trees this year) and Christmas Decor extravaganza was up and operating in our home October 28th!

So you might be thinking...what about Halloween.... and yes, I welcomed every little trick or treater with a "Merry Christmas".  You should of seen the confused looks on the faces of the three year olds and the laughs I got from the parents!  I just loved handing out the Halloween candy in my Christmas pj's and Santa Hat!

And for Thanksgiving we just get to enjoy the glow of all the Christmas lights even more!

I am already planning next year, rather than the typical Haalloween candy, I  will be handing out CANDY CANES  with the Story of the Candy Cane attached to it!

So here is a glimpse into my home decorated for Christmas since October!


~Tori Miller

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