Thursday, December 9, 2010

MORE ideas for making Christmas Traditions with your family....

Like promised.....Here are a few more ideas for Traditions...

Special breakfast (monkey bread, coffee cake, egg casserole...)

Christmas Eve Service as a family

Happy Birthday Jesus Cake

Read the Christmas Story before opening presents

Serve as a family...soup kitchen, nursing home, children's hospital...

The Christmas Jar-fill a jar all year with change, pray about who will recieve it & give it way on Christmas

Christmas Gift -empty box wrapped in white paper, decorated with red bow & greenery to tell the gospel story, set it in front of your tree, as the most important gift of all...the gift of Jesus!

Host a party for your child's friends-each guest brings $ for an angel tree, or a coat to donate. Use this opportunity to share with them all the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Let the Friends share & discuss their own traditions. Then set a time to deliver the donations to a local shelter together.

Thankful Ornament-each family member writes 25 things they are thankful for, fold them up & put inside an ornament-fun to read them from year to year when you're decorating.

Christmas Books-wrap 25 books (picture books, or small children's books) & unwrap one each night in December to read-use the same books each year & the kids look forward to trying to guess & unwrap their favorite!

Bake goodies together & deliver them to neighbors!

Only have 3 gifts for each family member on christmas morning to symbolize the wise men's gifts to Jesus.

Keep all the Christmas cards you get and place in a basket and throughout the year pull a card out of the basket and pray for that family.

Take family photos each year with Santa and keep - Hang the photo on a "Photo Tree".

Keep all your Cards with Pictures and place in an album, and keep on coffee table during the holidays- everyone loves to go back and see how much the families have grown and changed over the year.

Write letters to grandparents and have grandparents write to grandkids...this will become a cherished handwritten legacy!

Merry Christmas!

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