Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We pray you had a blessed 2010 Christmas...

What were your favorite Christmas Memories you made this year?

I loved being with family...

I loved having over little girls to help us decorate cookies, it reminds me of when my girls were younger...and the Christmas excitement was so contagious...still is by my teenage girls!

I loved showing up unexpectedly with friends at a Nursing Home to shower the residents with hugs, cookies, caroling and the reading of the Biblical Account of the Christmas story...

I loved reading the Christmas story as a family by our fireplace after our Church Candlelight Service

then still making our traditional Reindeer food with glitter so Santa and his reindeer could find their way to our home by the reflection of the glitter (my girls are 14 & 12...and we still love the "little things")
and you must strategically lay it out so each reindeer gets its own proper portion! 

I loved finding a service project "Coat Drive" that we got my girls friends  (7th and 8th grade girls) involved in ...of giving Coats out in our Community to the needy

I loved making happy Birthday Jesus Cupcakes this year...a little different version than our typical cake we make...
CupCake is round = because Jesus was born into a world that is round.
we used M&M's this year...
brown for our sins.
 red velvet cake mix and red M&M's for Jesus' blood shed for our sins.
 green for life = ours in our new heart.
Frosting is white = stands for Jesus' purity & righteousness.
Gold Star M&M in middle of cake top = star of Bethlehem = led wise men to Jesus.

Light candle then read Christmas story out of Bible.

 Let our lights shine before men! 
Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

I loved playing games with all our family members...

I loved the yummy foods that were prepared by loving hands...my first year to make a prime rib...it was fabulous!

I loved having an unexpected Family of  Carolers show up on our doorstep!

I loved watching family members play "Just Dance"...hilarious...lots of memories made here!

I loved making homemade gifts for everyone this year...

I loved giving both sets of my parents a Photo book with handwritten letters in the cover from each of my girls , explaining to their grandparents how special they are to them. (there were lots of tears here!)

I loved the fact that we were a happy, healthy family and were able to reflect on so many things we have to be thankful for this year!

From My family to yours...I hope that you were able to make MANY LASTING MEMORIES
 that will have eternal impact!
Tori Miller
Sky Ranch SkyMom Ministry Director

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