Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting to know your SkyMom Writer...Ronda Ramadan, Sky Ranch SkyMom writer of "The Family Table"

Ronda Ramadan

Sky Ranch SkyMom gifted cook and blog writer of  the "The Family Table"!

She brings us amazing tips, recipes and so much more bringing the family back together around the table! 

Ronda Ramadan is a self taught cook who couldn't boil water when she first married. In a desire to feed her family delicious and healthy food, she devoured every cookbook and cooking magazine she could get her hands on. In her spare time, she took an occasional cooking class and over the years an absolute love of cooking developed. Ronda is a wife, mother of three and full time nursing student. She loves the Lord, her family, friends, cooking, Bikram yoga, travel, watching her kids play sports and spending time with her husband. 

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