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Teach Intentionally..."Family Time…Jesus as a Man and a Spirit inspired life", with Stacy A. Davis ~ Bible Teacher and Sky Ranch Board Member

Family Time…Jesus as a Man and a Spirit inspired life

Relationships matter. People matter. What helps you relate another person? Is it because you have something in common or can identify with them? Usually, you relate to someone because there is a connection or something that you both understand. There is a trust and respect. In your relationship with Jesus it is the same. You can relate to Jesus through the events of His daily life on earth. This month’s family time topic from the “Sky Ranch Family Devotional: Follow the Leader” is on “Jesus is Man, “and the weekly discussion is on “Jesus as a Man and a Spirit inspired life. “ Jesus, the visible image of God on earth, went through emotions, hardships, a daily job and needed to rest…just like you do. When you seek Jesus’ advice, you know that He understands your emotions, your hardships, your job, and if you need to rest…and many other things…because He personally went through it. Help your family understand that you can talk to Jesus about anything and He will understand! He did it too.

As a Mom, I found spending the time and talking to my kids about relationships with their friends and being honest about the real problems in relationships was very useful in many ways. First, it helped my kids work through current issues and second, it helped them remember to talk to Jesus about it too. This is why prayer is so important. Whether it is after a family time devotional or just a conversation, take the opportunity to pray, at the end, and ask for God’s help. Role model for your kids that you can turn to Jesus about relationships and trust that He can relate to any issue. I also took every opportunity to give the credit to God when the issue was resolved. I found that turning the focus to God did give credit to God, plus, it pointed out the positive that the problem was actually resolved. Any focus on “good things” is important in an often negative world.

This week in your family time, I would encourage you to prepare by praying for your family and asking God to show you the best way to explain the “human” side of Jesus to your family.  Ask God to help your family see the emotions, daily life and normal relationship issues that Jesus went through and pray that your family will trust Jesus to help them with their own struggles. Pray that God will open your families’ hearts to share if they need counsel on any relationships or struggles. Pray that they would feel safe discussing it with the family. Praise God if they do! And then just listen…kids need to talk sometimes and don’t necessarily need advice…but just a listening heart on their side.

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This week we are in the 2nd  Topic and 9th  Family Time (or page  24) of the Sky Ranch Devotional “Follow the Leader”…
Family Time 9: 
Topic 2: Jesus is Man…Jesus as a Man and a Spirit inspired life
Talk with God: Read… Scriptures and questions below.
John 11:35  Jesus wept. 36 And so the Jews were saying, "Behold how He loved him!”… 38 Jesus therefore again being deeply moved within, came to the tomb.
  • In John 11:35-38, what emotions does Jesus have?

Luke 19:47  And He was teaching daily in the temple; but the chief priests and the scribes and the leading men among the people were trying to destroy Him,  48  and they could not find anything that they might do, for all the people were hanging upon His words.
  • In Luke 19:47, what did Jesus do daily?

Mark 6:31 (Jesus is speaking)  And He said to them, "Come away by yourselves to a lonely place and  rest  a while." (For there were many [people] coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.)  32  And they went away in the boat to a lonely place by themselves…
  • In Mark 6:31, what did Jesus need to do and encourage others to do?
Walk with God: Discuss… While Jesus lived on earth, He put aside His supernatural abilities and operated just like you do as a human. Jesus had emotional challenges, daily duties and even needed to rest. Yet, He stayed obedient. You can learn from Jesus. When Jesus was challenged, what kept Him going? 
Prayer suggestion…  Pray for Jesus’ strength to help you.

Family Time 9: 
Leader Answers:
  • Jesus wept, loved, and was deeply moved
  • He taught daily
  • Rest, eat, be alone
  • Discussion ideas: When Jesus was on earth, He chose to operate as we do. He put aside His deity and relied on the Holy Spirit to strengthen Him and YOU can, too! Phil 4:13 states that “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” So, when you are challenged to keep going, what can you do?
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