Thursday, December 17, 2015

From a Daughter's Perspective - Taylor Slack

For starters, if you haven’t met my mother, you’re missing out. And honestly, you could call her right now, and she wouldn’t hesitate to set up a time to chat over hot chocolate (because that’s just who she is and she likes hot chocolate more than coffee). Over the years, I’ve gotten the blessing of having quite a few of these chats; some harder than others, but always a blessing because they were with the best mom out there. I know I may be slightly biased, but I can live with that. 

Lora Slack - a God-fearing, single mother of three girls who loves baking cookies, laughing, Hallmark movies, dancing with her eyes closed, and is a beast of a financial advisor. Not only is she my mother, but has also come to be my best friend.  To try and describe her in words would be doing aher a complete disservice, but if I can give you a light glimpse of the phenonmenal mom she is, I’ll take a chance. Out of respect for all of you, I have narrowed it down to three characteristics/ actions of my mom have impacted me and still continue to do so.

  1. My mom is genuine. She is confident in who the Lord created her to be and doesn’t put on a façade or show for people. When you meet her, you actually meet her. You see her strengths and her weaknesses. You see where she depends on the Lord, trusting in Him more than herself.  She is real and honest- in the good times and bad; she doesn’t pretend like everything is going just perfectly when it’s not. For a daughter (especially a perfectionist and people pleaser), this is huge. I grew up seeing a woman who made mistakes, who wasn’t perfect, who was the same person around everyone, and who was confident and content. My mom taught me what it looks like to be who you are, living dependently on the Lord.

  1. My mom is patient. Growing up, I didn’t always see that. I took her for granted and never understood what an impact her patience had on me. But watching her raise my two little sisters, I step back in awe. I don’t know how she does it, but she is beyond patient, all the time. Yes, she has her breaking moments, but more often than not I see her on the floor doing algebra, cleaning up the mess we left in the kitchen for the 18th time, letting 13-year-old hormones run their course so the issue can actually be discussed, waiting in the car for 3 girls trying to get ready for church, and the list could go on for days. In these actions, I see her patience and in her patience I experience her love for me and see an example of what it truly looks like to selflessly love.

  1. My mom is joyful. Not the happy all the time, smile plastered on her face joyful, but the deep, peaceful joy that comes from knowing and loving Christ. She certainly laughs a whole lot and will keep you smiling from ear to ear, but she is also the one that will sit with you, listen for hours, hold you, and remind you of truth. I used to believe that being joyful meant you had to “be happy all the time,” but my mom has taught me that joy comes from a dependence on and hope in Christ- nothing can shake that. So, from the adventures in canoes where we all end up in the water hysterically laughing, to the countless late night cookie baking parties,  to the moments where the situation wasn’t exactly what we hoped for, I have witnessed what joy in the Lord looks like and acts like.

I honestly could write for days about my mom, our relationship, and how blessed I am by her. But I think the best thing I could say is thank you Mama. Thank you for always being there for me, for making my lunch day after day, caring for me when I’m sick, for letting me learn how to fail and get back up again, for being the best cheerleader, for laughing with me until our stomach hurts , for always listening, for teaching me about Jesus and showing me His love, for everything else you do every day, and for being a rockstar of a mom. And to all the moms- thank you for loving and raising us well. No matter how many times we roll our eyes or walk away, we are beyond thankful for you and love you a whole lot.

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