Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mary and Her Mom - Lisa Clark

I love the mother/daughter dynamic.  Guess it’s because I’ve got two daughters and was a daughter myself.  Fancy that.  But it always gets me thinking at Christmastime about the dynamic between Mary and her mom.  Was her mom a mess when she heard the news?  Did she take it personally, “Where did I go wrong?” You know the drill. 

My imagination leads me in a different direction though.  I have to think that God picked Mary because she was precious in His sight.  She loved Him with her whole heart.  She was raised to know God and loved Him with her whole heart.  Her mom must have been a rock star! Right?! Way to go Mary’s mom! You did it, girl! You raised the mother of the Messiah! Props!

So this godly woman raised by a godly woman had to tell her godly mom she was pregnant. 

Think about it.  Ponder that moment in your mind.  Mary’s mom’s heart must have sunk.  She must have thought about what others would say.  The church ladies.  What would they say about her as a parent? The rumors.  I don’t know if it showed on her face before her daughter, but inside she must have been heartbroken.  She was just a mom. 

And yet God prepared her for this moment.  It was because she was the parent she was that God chose her child to give birth to the Savior of the world.  This moment wasn’t about her as a mom, it was about her daughter’s destiny.  It takes spiritual maturity to go from “where did I go wrong?” to “God is in control.”

Having eyes to see God’s plan takes daily determination to sit at His feet and bask in His glory.  Worshipping Him on a daily basis.  Getting to know Him through His word.  Then our gaze stays on Him and we are less likely to make it about us. 

Oh, to be like Mary’s mom. 

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