Friday, October 8, 2010

A glimpse of a Mother Daughter pair touched from Pinkapalooza....

Email received from Melissa... 
 Mother Daughter Weekend has forever impacted their lives!

Many wonderful things have and will come from this weekend and I am so thankful that the Lord led my family to Sky Ranch. The greatest thing so far is that my daughter is excited to do her devotionals and pray every day.   I have been doing them with her the last couple of days, but I hope that she can do them daily even if I am away for work and not there to help her.   I have always prayed with my daughter, but now our prayers can be more meaningful.  Today our devotional was about giving thanks for spiritural teachers.   At the end of our discussion, we prayed for all the teachers in our lives and then my daughter said,  "and we need to pray for everyone at Sky Ranch"!

I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in April, followed by surgery, and treatment.  By the grace of God, I am fine now, but the ordeal made me realize that although, I have had a lifelong relationship with the Lord, I was not sure what kind of relationship my daughter would have with Him when I was called to heaven.   When I was sick, my greatest fear was not death.  It was what would happen to those I left behind.   I realized that even though my family goes to church with me, we listen to Christian music, we pray, and try to lead a Godly life, that I have really never taught my family about having a relationship with the Lord.  Thank you for giving me the tools and instruction that will allow me to start the process.  My family will be better for it!

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