Monday, October 4, 2010

October Pinkapalooza!

Our first of two fall mother/daughter retreats is all but a memory now, but most of us in attendance are still smiling at how God shone down brightly upon us this weekend.  He never ceases to amaze! 
The 40 mother/daughter couples had an unbelievable time of fun, relaxation (some more than others), and setting into motion intentional truth and character building.  Moms and daughters came together to learn, grow and listen.  The weather was perfect! Thank you, Lord! Many stepped foot on the Sky Ranch property for the first time, and many were coming home to their favorite country getaway in the world.  
Pink was the name of the game.  Seriously, if you didn't get enough pink, then you weren't seeing properly.  EVERYTHING WAS PINK!  The decorations, the tshirts, the chocolate fountain, the bingo chips, the water bottles! PINKAPALOOZA!!!
We talked about lots of girl stuff including friends, boys, and modesty! There was something for everyone.  The dinner date Saturday night was a night to remember.  Twinkling lights lit our "tables for two" as we asked questions, ate and enjoyed just mommy and girl our matching p.j.'s no less!!! 
We ended our weekend with a special time of blessing and pearls of wisdom from God's word.  We now all know how a pearl is formed.  We'll never look at a pearl the same will we girls?  So, until our retreat in November...enjoy the pics and join us next year if you can!!! 

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