Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Out of the Box" by Guest SkyMom Prayer Encourager Terrie Chevaillier

~ I received this email this week from a Sky Ranch SkyMom....

"We just picked up our son today from Sky Ranch and I grabbed one of your SkyMoms information sheets on the way out.  I love that you are offering this ministry and was actually encouraged by your track on last year's CD on the way home from Sky Ranch...cannot remember exactly what it was, but ya'll said something that encouraged me and touched my heart that day in regards to my boys!  Since then, I have wanted to attend one of the meetings or connect with the SkyMom ministry, so that is why I am contacting you today.  

With that said, I would love to host a SkyMom Gathering.  We live in Southlake and have been sending our boys to Sky Ranch for the last NINE years.  My oldest is headed to college this year and actually worked at Sky Ranch as a lifeguard during the summers while in high school.  The investment that was poured into him at Sky Ranch was not only an eternal one, but it keeps on giving relationally in regards to all of the wonderful friends and brothers in Christ that he still stays connected with!  So as you can tell,  Sky Ranch is dear to my heart."

Needless to say, I quickly responded, and thanked the Chevaillier family and their boys for investing in attending Sky Ranch!  I am looking forward to seeing Terrie as our Guest SkyMom Prayer Encourager on the SkyMom Blog!!
Out of the Box

Since my children were very young, I have seen the importance of my devotion to
pray for them.  I have seen answer upon answer of God’s faithfulness in
regards to most every detail of their lives.

This past year, as my oldest son approached his senior year, it seemed that
I found myself on my knees a lot as I prayed for wisdom regarding his decision for college. 
In the past, I tried the journaling method; however it seemed that I would not
always take the time to go back and read so I could get the full impact of
just how much God really was answering my prayers.  I wanted to remember
these times of going before the Lord and seeing His answers.

Artsy and creative have not been on my top lists of natural giftedness, however,
I decided to step off the box and with that came, Out of the Box!

Out of the Box is actually a customized prayer box containing each family member’s name.
Other categories included are marriage, friends, family, finances, church, and salvation.
My faith reaches new levels as I take the prayer written on 3x5 index cards
And move it to the answer tab!
There’s something in the picking it up and moving it that just does something in me!

I love it how God works.  He took a not so creative girl like me, gave me courage to ignore the voices of doubt
And from this endeavor He opened the door for a ministry.  
A ministry that encourages moms to pray scripture for their children and other issues of life.
Friends ordered boxes and I gave them away as birthday gifts, teacher gifts, and wedding gifts.
The feedback…..”I love the box and I love the idea, I just can’t get started!”

Once a month, I host a gathering for moms to bring their boxes and we
gather around my kitchen table.  I encourage them in why we pray and how to
get started praying scripture over the lives of their children…and wait
with hopeful expectancy to see answers!
Not only does the card move, but their faith moves….and so has mine!

~Terrie Chevaillier,Guest SkyMom Prayer Encourager, Creator of Out of the Box

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