Saturday, July 30, 2011

Follow up to Sky Ranch Summer Praise Report...(Yea God & Sky!)

Follow up to Sky Ranch Summer Praise Report....

As I was saying on Thursday, We attended a Ministry Team meeting at Sky Ranch in Van, Texas.  We were blown away, and treated to an amazing day!  The Sky Ranch Leadership staff took us, the Ministry Team, on a fabulous tour of the Sky Ranch campus, on a Sky Ranch Trailer...better known as a Sky Limo!  The grounds of the Sky Ranch have held up well considering the heat and lack of rain.  Even the lake activities have been able to continue due to continuous dredging, by our incredible staff!
(Yea God & Sky!)

We learned that this summer Campers and Staff have not experienced as much heat exhaustion and dehydration in the past, with the extreme heat this summer -as we give GOD the Glory along with the pre-planning in the Fall when making the schedule. This pre-thinking is allowing more time between activities, letting the campers and counselors take their time and not rush thus NOT getting over heated. 
(Yea God & Sky!)

Then the Ministry Team got a taste of a real cabin experience, Sacagawea! It was here that I got inducted into a cabin...very fun!  All the cabins at Sky Ranch all have names with a meaning, and a Character Trait that goes along with it.  Sacagawea is a girl-Sky 4 cabin and it's Character Trait, is about beauty within.  They share this character trait one evening with the campers by having a "ceremony", and naming the campers based on those qualities they possess.  I was inducted and named "Whispering Willow"!  LOVE IT!!

After, a wonderful tour we returned to the Legacy Center for our meeting to hear reports from each of the wonderful leadership team members in their core Sky Ranch Ministry area regarding how incredibly awesome this summer has been so far!  It is here as a SKYMOM I want to give a 
Linda, Rick, Chris, John, Jill, Clinton, Tamara, Malcolm, Todd, Kelly, Rope...and so many more....
you ALL are AWESOME!  
(Yea God & Sky!)

To all our readers who read this blog...the reports we were given in this meeting would BLOW your socks off!!!  Sky Ranch is reaching deeper, and stretching higher in every way possible, and the campers are growing in their relationships with the LORD!   OVER 600 salvations so far this summer...and we still have 3 more sessions to go!
(Yea God & Sky!)

Oh, and yes...The Ministry Team did decide that we would like to begin the prayer process of writing another Family Devotional.  Exciting times are ahead!
(Yea God & Sky!)

And then we concluded with an amazing spread of a lunch....WOW...and special thanks to  LeAnn in Food Service... you outdid yourself!  
(Yea God & Sky!)

Sky Ranch is TOP NOTCH!
(Yea God & Sky!)

Tori Miller, Sky Ranch SkyMoms Ministry Director

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