Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Mom's Prayer On the First Day of School

Dear SkyMoms, 

Well, tomorrow I will be dropping off a high schooler (9th) for the first time 
and middle schooler for the last time! (8th)  :(! 

The backpacks are packed, 

the clothes are laid out,
the lunches are made, 

the morning devos and meds are even ready to go, 

The alarm clocks are set and we have together decided the 15 year old should be the first drop off in the route since she is currently doing the parent taught drivers ed and could sometimes drive herself to school!! 
 (of course this might mean we need to leave a few minutes even earlier than originally planned :)!!!

Now we are all just relaxing and enjoying the last few hours of Summer... So, Let the Prayers is all in the Lords Hands...He knows what is BEST for our children.  

Sky Ranch will be praying for all the campers as they enter back into their various schools and we pray they remember everything they learned this summer at camp and are strong and can carry out the 
into their school mission fields.
SkyMoms have a great first day of drop off :)

Tori Miller
Sky Ranch SkyMom Ministry Director

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